Bentley House

THE FACTS: 12/31/2016

  • Number of homes: 47
  • Date of Acquisition: June 2012
  • Purchase Price: US $14.0 Million
  • Total Capitalization: US $15.1 Million
  • Appraised Value: US $21.9 Million
  • Market Rent: US $2,786/month



Bentley House was originally built as “for sale” condos in a down market. RISE purchased the property in an off-market transaction realizing an opportunity to improve revenue through a strategic repositioning in the market as the premier, high-end, apartment living choice.

We invested approximately $1.1 million into the community to align the marketing and branding with the target resident profile. Amenity improvements included renovations to the foyer, great room, athletic facilities, meeting spaces and roof top deck. A dog run was also installed as part of targeting a specific resident profile.

Since acquisition, average monthly rents have increased from US $2,042 per home to US $2,786 per home while maintaining strong occupancy.


THE RESULTS: (% Change)

  • Market Rent: +45.7%
  • Total Revenue: +65.9%
  • Net Operating Income: +64.9%
  • Appraised Value vs. Cost: +45.3%