The RISE fund

RISE Properties Trust is a private Canadian REIT specializing in the acquisition of underperforming apartment rental communities in strong U.S. markets, with a primary focus in the Pacific Northwest.

Annualized returns, inception to date1:


1Returns shown are net of fees, and assume all distributions reinvested in DRIP program

Growth of $100,000 invested in RISE

Monthly unit valuations
(September 2021):

$21.7993 CAD


$17.2791 USD


$1.9 billion AUM

28 communities
4,800 homes
200 acres

$131 million total

Monthly tax-efficient distributions

4.04% per year
as 100% return of capital2

Open-ended private Canadian REIT (no U.S. tax filings)

2Distribution Yield on Class F CAD Units. 100% return of capital to date, subject to change in future.

Preferred distribution partners